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Released into the bright atmosphere, a stray moves lightly
through the air, an excuse for a rapture.

One Small Leap - Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee – Poecile atricapillus

Our first review, a starred review from KIRKUS REVIEW for AMONG A THOUSAND FIREFLIES!

“In Frost and Lieder’s third exploration of tiny creatures taken for
granted in the natural world, they top themselves, lyrically centering
on a firefly’s search for a mate.

Again, Frost’s spare poem weds seamlessly with Lieder’s transfixing photography…”

Piercing the moon, crossing the imaginary border of a new year.

Happy holidays!

Piercing the Moon painting

Ruler of a crystalline empire of light,
a spider reigns over its small world.

A page from Step Gently Out.


On my way to the World Fantasy Convention 2015 in New York through next week.

I’m a special guest, curating an exhibition of artist Richard Powers paintings, along with panels, special displays and online features.

Powers was a giant of 20th century illustration, changing the way books were designed and presented.

Below is the cover of a small book I edited and designed just for the conference.

Richard Powers & the Modern Fantastic