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Overwhelmed by her demons, an ant is the newest
initiate to the whipping club.

An ant is the newest initiate to the whipping club

Eastern black carpenter ant | Camponotus pennsylvanicus

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Strangers in an overflowing garden,
toying with with a golden goddess.

Honey bee flies past flower

Honey bee | Apis mellifera

An author & artist under one roof.

From KatheKoja.com:

“When I write, I have images, always, in my mind: of the characters, or a character, first.
Then the world, their world, accretes around them, and the story grows.

The book’s cover art comes much later in the process, when the writing is done.
The Blue Mirror

Over at Scientific American, photographer Alex Wild is
discussing some of the techniques used
to photograph fireflies. Link Link.

I’m knee-deep in fireflies every evening now,
working on my firefly book, which will be published in 2016.

I’m working with video as much as still imaging,
here’s a still from one of my videos.

A mating call heard in the secret compartment
between flashes, trembling wings
whisper the day’s end.

Firefly Mating Calls

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I talked with Tamron about their excellent new telephoto zoom,
and how I use it for photographing birds.

Tamron June eNewsletter - Rick Lieder Bird Photo Tips