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Four months, 14 books, 51 teams, 241 young readers …

The Orion Township Public Library Battle of the Books was definitely epic. The high school’s auditorium was Standing Room Only, filled with beaming parents and the teams of kids in amazing and creative costumes, all there to celebrate reading, and the great fun (and great effort) involved in winning the Battle.

Even the team’s names were creative and fun: Onomatopoeic Owls, Rapunzel’s Readers, The Native Nerds, Duct Tape Divas, The Lone Readers, The Neon Mustaches.

The kids’ questions during my presentation were spot-on, and we were able to chat one-on-one afterward, during the STEP GENTLY OUT signing. Many thanks to Kristen and Deb, everyone who worked on the Battle, and all the young readers!

At the end, I received a wonderful souvenir book, filled with messages to me from the kids:
Battle of the Books 2014 souvenir book

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I’ll be speaking and signing books at the Battle of the Books tomorrow,
March 18, 2014, at the Orion Township Public Library.

Every year students at the library read 14 books and answer questions in a quiz show format.
The students have fun, win prizes and read great books.

I’ll tell the story of creating my picture book Step Gently Out with Helen Frost,
answer questions and maybe give a sneak peek at future books.

Below, a river-side damselfly from Step Gently Out:

Step Gently Out - Damselfly photo

11 Mar 2014 | 9 Comments | Insects etc. »

All light and grace, a new-born mantis
unfolds wrinkles in the garden light, exchanging
signals with future prey.

A new-born mantis unfolds wrinkles in the garden light

Chinese Praying Mantis | Tenodera aridifolia sinensis

4 Mar 2014 | 7 Comments | Insects etc. »

The last light sheds its meager rays
in the lost corners of the world,
unraveling a tiny universe, rousing
the workers from sleep.

The last light sheds its meager rays on an ant<br />
 in the lost corners of the world

Eastern black carpenter ant | Camponotus pennsylvanicus

24 Feb 2014 | 13 Comments | Birds »

A songbird searches for spring, an avian geometer
calculates angles of light between
late winter afternoons.

A songbird searches for spring

Sparrow | Passer domesticus