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About Wild Light

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Painter and photographer Rick Lieder’s art has appeared on award-winning novels ranging from mysteries and science fiction, to books based on the X-Files TV series and Newbery Award-winning books for children. His fine art has been exhibited in galleries in the Midwest and Canada, and include painting, photography, and digital art.

His nature photography centers on ordinary backyard wildlife. These photographs capture the unique qualities of light interacting with the natural world, including luminous photographs of honey bees and small birds in flight, glowing fireflies mating and hovering over twilight fields, mosquitoes with a belly full of blood, and new-born praying mantis nymphs emerging from their egg cases.

His nature picture book for all ages, STEP GENTLY OUT, is a collaboration with award-winning novelist and poet Helen Frost published by Candlewick Press.

A museum exhibition and book signing was held at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in April 2012.

Among other honors:

  • ALA 2013 Notable Book
  • Best Children’s Books of 2012: Kirkus Reviews
  • Starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, and Publisher’s Weekly.
  • Finalist: 2013 Chickadee Award
  • International Reading Association:
    – Tops of 2012 in Picture Books

More books coming soon: ‘Sweep Up the Sun’ was published in Spring 2015, featuring birds in flight, ‘Among a Thousand Fireflies’ will be out in Spring 2016 and WAKE UP! in 2017.

Rick blogs about the world overhead and underfoot, a celebration of small animals living their lives, the leaves and the grass and the light, all of it reflecting the amazing life surrounding us.

He frequently exhibits his work in galleries and other venues and conducts presentations and workshops.



  • The New York Times Sunday Book Review has a fine, thoughtful review of my latest book, SWEEP UP THE SUN.
    Winged Wonders
  • My firefly filmmaking will be featured in a PBS NOVA special, “Creatures of Light”, produced by National Geographic Television.
    • Spring 2016
  • I’ll be presenting at the Indiana Library Federation Annual Conference.
    • November 2015
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Exhibit & book signing
    • June 2015
  • Sweep Up the Sun, my new picture book with Helen Frost featuring the beauty of birds in flight, is published.
    The official launch included a book signing and exhibition at Book Beat.
    Here’s the website with all the news, reviews and information for the book: BugDreams.com/sweep.
    • March 2015
  • Featured speaker for
    Orion Township Public Library Battle of the Books awards ceremony.
    • March 18, 2014
  • Photography workshop:
    Canton Acts of Culture week.
    • April 29, 2014
  • I’m featured in a testimonial for Tamron Macro lenses in the March 2014 issues of Outdoor Photographer & Digital Photo magazines with a colorful praying mantis image.
  • I share 5 Tips for Shooting Macro Photography
    in this Tamron Tipcast Video
    • November 2013
  • Scientific American interview
    Alex Wild features an interview with me on Scientific American’s Compound Eye blog. I talk about my science background and my technique.
    • July 2013
  • Tamron USA Enewsletter interview
    I talk about my photographic technique & equipment.
    • March/April 2013
  • Scientific American: I’m featured in SciAm Cinema, a new monthly video series.
    • January 2013
  • ORION Magazine Back cover.
    • March/April 2012
  • Bee swarm image for KIDS: DISCOVER magazine.
    • June 2012